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By providing multiple distinct “special property groups” we are the only real estate company to create searchable webpages for each of our properties targeting specific niche markets and lifestyle real estate. Through the formation and organization of 35 core market segments (each with their own specific web design) we shape the uniqueness of our client’s property.

Our website listings appear on the first page of Google searches and can be found on hundreds of universal and specialty sites. In addition, each listing will also have its own website discoverable by Google. We offer a specialized marketing approach when selling your real estate or locating a property which has earned our company a top 1% Global Real Estate Franchise Ranking in the Franchise Business Review. We market to a local, regional, national and worldwide audiences.

The team here at United Country – Hunting Country Real Estate owns and operates multiple United Country Real Estate franchise offices across the U.S.

We are proud to be members of the Realtree United Country Hunting Properties group providing the most extensive selection of hunting properties for sale and the largest network of hunting property experts.

The UC Ranch Property™ team at Hunting Country Real Estate offers extensive expertise in all types of Ranches, ranch management, agricultural livestock & crop production, property law and water resource management, as well as commercial development projects. We also offer extensive wildlife management consulting for conservation easements through our partnership with Ducks Unlimited. Our ranch brokers meet demanding qualifications and guarantee extraordinary marketing & consultation services to our ranch clients.

We are the only national land marketing company in the U.S. that delivers decades of experience and understanding for Oil & Gas assets through our exclusive partnership with MineralMarketing.Com. Our experts in the Oil & Gas industry provide marketing & consulting services for mineral sales, lease negotiation, working interests, overriding royalty interests, geological research and asset evaluation.

Our organization brings a multigenerational passion to all types of ranch opportunities and we have an excellent track record of selling multiple large ranches over the past 20 years ranging in size from 1,000 – 30,000 acres.

We are well-capitalized to provide maximum exposure to the broadest range of qualified prospects for every property we sell, and we develop a customized strategy tailored to meet the needs of each specific client.